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Troble resetting hAP ac  [SOLVED]

Mon Aug 15, 2022 6:53 pm

Hello all,

I've had an hAP ac sitting in a drawer for a while doing nothing, and I'm considering selling it on as I have no use for it anymore. However, I've had some issues getting the thing to reset.

It was previously set up for ethernet switching duties so the WiFi radio is off and not broadcasting anything for me to connect to and access the admin panel. Additionally, plugging it in to my existing network via port 1 does not appear to give it an IP address on my network to allow me to reset from the admin panel either; it does not appear when performing an arp-scan on another box on the network.

Following the instructions listed in the wiki, I held the reset button, applied power, and then released the button as the "SFP" LED started flashing, but that does not appear to reset it to the default configuration; I do not see an AP to connect to for setup and the WiFi status LED remains off (though I do see it flash very briefly on boot).

Is there anything else I can try? Did I miss something following the wiki steps? Thanks in advance!

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