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CHR v7.0 or higher in Azure

Wed Nov 29, 2023 9:50 am

Hi there!

I've been facing an issue with CHR in Azure lately.

There is not much documentation around virtualizing RouterOS in Azure out there. From what i could read, theres not much to know: you load the image in Azure, create the VM and you have it working.

My problem is that it will only work with v6.49 or lower versions of RouterOS.

When I try to install v7 or higher, machine has most of its functionalities not working and eventually just crashes. This also happens if I deploy v6.49 and then upgrade from there.

We need to have it v7 mainly to use the new and improved User Manager, but for other needs too.

I know that there have been kernel changes in v7 that I assume might be causing the issue.

Can someone throw some light on this?

Thanks! :D

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