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Dude causes winbox to spin at 100% cpu usage about 20 minutes after upgrade.

Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:24 pm

Having a 6.45.8 Dude 1100AHx (dude edition) with memory leaks. Also noticing i have routers with versions after password database change.
Tried to upgrade to 6.46.7 (long term). Memory leaks seems to be reduced (gone?) but now after about 10-20 minutes after starting dude process (:dude set enabled=yes) the / tool profile shows winbox process running at 100% of a single core (25% on particular unit). Winbox becomes unusable slow. mac-telnet works.
I have turned off any external log destinations. Reloaded database from pre-upgrade backup.

* Noticed that downgrading back to 6.45.8 does not reset password database (perhaps that is expected?)

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