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Unable to move Dude files to SD Card on CCR

Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:28 pm

I installed the Dude on my CCR and later learned that it would be better to put on an SD card.
I installed the 32GB SD card and formatted it as ext3.
I disabled the Dude and was able to change the path for the db and re-enable the Dude, which is running.
However, I am unable to move or even copy the Dude files that are on the internal storage to a folder on the SD card.
Is this possible?
I am using Winbox.
I cannot drag them between folders.
I tried copying the files from Winbox internal storage to my Windows 10 computer and then back to Winbox SD Card (Disk 1). Everything looked like it copied, but I cannot see the folder structure in Winbox Files or in Terminal. If I try to create a new folder (default) and copy it manually from Windows 10 to the SD Card, it says the file already exists.
Additionally, I cannot delete any of the files left on the internal storage for the Dude even if the Dude is disabled in settings.
I am now assuming that the ONLY thing you can move to the SD card is the Dude db. Is that right?
My next step to try is to uninstall the Dude and then re-install it but not enable it until I move the db to the SD card.
Please help if anyone knows.

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