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How to send Dude's logs to remote server

Mon Mar 01, 2021 8:52 pm


I would like to send those logs generated by Dude (device up | device down) to a remote log server (Graylog Server)

I already have RouterOS logs being sent to remote log server.

How do I can send Dude's logs to RouterOS hosting the Dude Server?
This way RouterOS will forward logs received from Dude Server to Graylog Server



It seems I found one way:

In System > Logging menu:

In "Actions" tab, configure IP address and Port of remote log server

In "Rules" tab, add a new line with Topics = dude and Action = remote

- - -

Now, Graylog is receiving Dude Server's logs:
2021-03-01 15_30_12.png
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