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Freezing dude client

Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:08 am


When the dude client runs for a long time, the client slows down. It takes a few seconds to open the device and the CPU load is 100% when opened. These symptoms occurred after upgrading to version 6.46.6 and persist in higher versions. In previous versions, everything was fine.

Another problem is that the client does not always connect to the server, sometimes it is necessary to disconnect the client several times and reconnect to make the connection. My client connects to Windows in the office, but not from home. It always connects on Linux under wine.

Do you have any recommendations on how to solve the problem in addition to downgrading to version 6.46.5 and lower?
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Re: Freezing dude client

Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:49 am

I cannot confirm the version you speak of being the start of issues, as I have similar problems on it, but also had problems on 6.43.4 (i think) and 6.47.9.

For me - the dude client crashed/froze/timeout due to winbox hammering one CPU - the reason for that was Dude connecting to my ROS devices (the Router OS check box in devices setting in the dude)

As Dude uses winbox to connect toe Router OS devices, the service get bogged down when triggering multiple connects at the same time. If is more than say ~20 connects initially, the CPU ramps up on one core, with the winbox service

depending on how many devices you trigger - this can slow the CPU down for a significant amount of time - and onec you hit a critical mass (definately 100 or more) - the connected devices start to disconnect and you go into a loop of everthing bogging down (granted my CHR doesn't have the fastest cores - but when you are only using one, it can severly hamper the progress.

This means that Winbox and Dude Client are stuffed at the same time.

Looks as though Dude can no longer handle the connections for these that it used to be able to do - like when windows server was a thing. Have never had much luck with Dude v6+

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