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The Dude "Ping Service" can't connect to gateway but can ping to gateway

Wed Jul 07, 2021 12:22 pm

i got a problem with monitoring service in The Dude Mikrotik. in The Dude if service is down - Device color will be red and if it's work that will be green right?

in my case, all device in The Dude turning red and when i try to ping the gateway using the dude tools (Right Click in Device Dude). it's perfectly work, but why my device turning red?

i check in Service Problem, its said "no connected to Router Gateway...". but i can test ping the gateway using The Dude Tools and it's reply. is that bug "ping service" the dude or something wrong with my config? one week ago this service is fine and work perfectly.

can anyone help me please? Thanks

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