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Import file Error

Wed Oct 27, 2021 9:29 am

my dude just crashed today, luckily i backup my database almost everyday with this script
#mikrotik dude autobackup
:global thisdate [/system clock get date]
:global datetimestring ([:pick $thisdate 0 3] ."-" . [:pick $thisdate 4 6] ."-" . [:pick $thisdate 7 11])
/dude export-db backup-file="dude/backup/$[/system identity get name]_$datetimestring"
now i want to import my database to new dude server, but it always failed
dude import-db dude/backup/Dude-CBG_oct-24-2021
status: import failed
every backup file I tried and show same results. it kinda useless for export dude database everyday, almost 13gb each file Image

import stop at 2.9Gb of db file
harddisk space? i have 154.3GiB space

i try to vaccuum db file, but how do i get the db file, it's always error every time i import the file
[@Dude > disk print detail
0 name="dude" label="" type=ext3 disk="Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB" free=154.3GiB size=232.9GiB
i got depressed because last year i facing this problem too, and I build my dude server from scratch, adding one by one devices until now i face this error again

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