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RouterOs 7 BGP documentation/examples request

Mon Apr 18, 2022 8:13 am

Will there be any updates on bgp Configuration and examples section on mikrotik website?
I am having huge trouble migrating from v6 to v7 lots of capabilities are Either missing or did not properly translated for some reason some announcements works some aren’t and there is absolutely no reason for not to work.
I have multihomed connections with 10 peers.
I am glad if some one shares an advanced guide about bgp trouble shooting on routeros 7.
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Re: RouterOs 7 BGP documentation/examples request

Mon Apr 18, 2022 6:24 pm

After spending two days migrating from a CCR2004 on 6.47.10 to a CCR2116 on 7.2.1, here's some of the things I uncovered:
  • To announce something via BGP, it either has to be in the same BGP instance/ASN as that of your peer, or it has to be injected from "connected, static, bgp, ospf", etc., and it has to be actively selected in the routing table. For example, I had "static" selected, and had a blackhole route, but because another router was announcing the prefix via BGP on a separate instance/private AS (thus overriding the static route), the router wouldn't announce it to the public instance/AS.
  • In ROS7, for advertising networks, you create a firewall address list of the subnets/prefixes you want, then add that list to the peer's connection settings under "Output Network"
  • If you enable incoming and/or outgoing filters for that peer, the default/last rule will be to drop all announcements, so create "accept" rules only for the things you need/want instead of a bunch of reject rules (unless your last rule is "accept").
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Re: RouterOs 7 BGP documentation/examples request

Tue Apr 19, 2022 7:53 am

Most of the things you need to know and differences between v6 and v7 can be found in the documentation: ... g+Examples

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