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OSPF design Question

Tue Apr 26, 2022 3:36 pm


I have a question for our network design.

On this moment we have a VLAN where 4 CCR routers are connected
router1, router2, router3 and router4.

It is a /24 subnet and they have a OSPF network type broadcast, for example
router1 and router2 are also doing VRRP for servers/clients in the same /24 subnet.
router3/4 doing PPPoE Server.

For example

Traffic now goes:
PPPoE client > router3 > server (because server has ip in the subnet)

Back it goes:
server > router1 (VRRP IP) > router3 > PPPoE customer

it are ale public subnets so no nat/firewall active.

Is this recommend or is it better to do OSPF in a separate VLAN with a separate subnet? (and don't give router3/4 a ip in the subnet so traffic has to go through router1/2)
So traffic wil route same path both ways

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