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filter Broadcast packages to specific group address

Tue May 17, 2022 3:53 pm

Hello dear reader,

We have installed a Mikrotik appliance with RouterOS v648.3 (stable).
In the appliance we defined a bridge and added all interfaces to it. The appliance connects networksegments in the same subnet.
One networksegment on a interface of the bridge contains PLC's, which produce a lot of broadcast packages (UDP on groupaddress Our goal is to filter out this address in the bridge, so the packets do not apear on the other networksegments.
The brigde has an option to enable a filter. I tried blocking the group address in a forward rule, but a popup indicates this can not be saved, because it only applies to IP? I'm not sure what this means. I also tried to enable IP firewall in the bridge and then define a firewall blocking rule for the groupaddress. This is accepted, but the packages are not filtered.
Can anyone tell me if what I want is possible in RouterOS and how to configure this?

Kind regards, Arend

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