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CRS305 Reset problems

Fri Jan 21, 2022 7:26 am


I've had a fair amount of trouble getting my CRS305 working the way I expect on my network. It is basically functioning in switch mode, so I can plug the 1G port into my network and use a high speed gbic in this mode. But that is it. I can't access any of the management functions. When I first got it yesterday I was able to bring up routerOS and SwOS and had successfully reset the device 4 or 5 times. But ever since then I can't access either of the os management options.

It seems like something is actually wrong with it. Every time I tried to change the IP address of the CRS305 the unit would become kinda unusable (no mgmt screens) and then I would have to reset. It is working in a way that is somewhat acceptable (though I don't have a 10G to test with yet, just 2.5G) as a switch only.

Any suggestions? Is it possible there is some reason the reset isn't working as the manuals say?

The only reset that seems to work is to
1. hold reset switch
2. connect power
3. wait for green LED over user icon to flash
4. release reset switch
5. wait for link

This works with my home network on the 1G port and my only 2.5G device on an sfp+ port and the computer with the 2.5G connection set to DHCP. The 2.5G interface is assigned an IP address from my home network. Ifconfig on the notebook shows link at 2.5G in the scenario below.
Home ( ---->  1G port
                               sfp+4 > 10G RJ45 < ------ 2.5G USBC<----MacBook Pro (DHCP Assigned
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Re: CRS305 Reset problems

Sat Jun 25, 2022 3:11 am

Similar problems. I hope it's damaged hardware & when I get a replacement it'll just work.

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