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Hardware mods RB5009

Mon Jul 04, 2022 1:02 pm

I tried searching the forums for info, but there was nothing.
I might be way off here :P
After checking pics of the RB5009 motherboard I find it seems like it has pads for 2x pci-e ports, one for SSD storage and one for USB ... e37d34f1b7

What I would like to know.....
- has anyone tried soldering pci-e ports to the pads ?
- Can mikrotik HW engineers confirm that soldering ports to the pads will work ?
- If this would work, it would be possible for people like me, that is a nerd on this, to add the ports and use a pci storage device or wifi/LTE card and mod the case for external antenna ?
- if the last one is a yes, I will solder this and add more mikrotik har to my mikrotik hardware :)
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Re: Hardware mods RB5009

Mon Jul 04, 2022 3:18 pm

I can remember a link to a thread were someone actually did soldering PCIe sockets onto an RB5009 board.
It was either on reddit or here, could not find it in a quick search.

He could not get it to work.
Most likely there are other components in addition to the PCIe sockets required to be soldered. Things like pullup resistors, supply filtering capacitors and similar stuff only used for the PCIe ports.
While it technically would be possible, practically it will be very hard to figure out what additional parts have to be soldered where.

If you get it to work, next challenge would be that PCI devices require Linux kernel drivers. So useful devices for the added slots will be limited to the small (not public) list of those having a working driver shipped with the ROS7 kernel.

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