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RB912uag Reset Button vs. Solder Pads

Sat Jul 16, 2022 1:18 am

Our company integrates RB912uag routerboards into our consumer products. To extend the reset button to the outside of the case, we rely on the solder pads provided on the backside of the RB912's PCB, soldering two wires and running them to a push button located where the user can access it. The problem we've begun to encounter is that jumping the pads no longer works the way it has for the past five years: Jumping for, say eight seconds (till the LEDs flash) used to initiate the restore-to-defaults process, i.e. run the default script. But now these pads no longer seem to duplicate the function of the topside reset push button (silk-screened, "S300"): pushing the button for eight seconds flashes the LEDs and executes the restore script but jumping the pads for eight seconds does neither. We can no longer restore defaults by jumping the pads.

This loss of function does not correlate with RouterOS version (we downgrade to a consistent version) but perhaps does correlate with firmware version, though we have not been able to verify this because attempts to "upgrade" the firmware in WinBox to the earlier, factory version results in a message that this is not permitted. (Perhaps we can force the factory routerBOOT in the CLI but this should be the default behavior anyway of applying the jumper before powering-up.)

Can anyone shed any light on this problem? We're not sure how to accommodate this change; soldering to one of the four SMD push button pins rather than the solder pads originally intended for this purpose would allow us to reset but is an overly delicate procedure that is very likely to bridge the adjacent 0201/01005 resistors. This change in behavior has halted our production.

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