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Tue Jul 19, 2022 1:38 pm

Hi, we have 4x CRS 328, 2x CCR 1072, 2x CRS 317 in our environment.
All devices are on 6.49.6. We want to deploy dude server on one of our mikrotiks (i read that you deploy dude server package and enable it) and it can monitor all mikrotik devices through client.
Please tell if i misunderstood something.
Now in tutorial guy says that you have to have exact version of dude server and ros. On mikrotik site i see only dude server for 6.48.6 and does that mean i have to wait untill dude server for 6.49.6 is official?
When i install dude server and new ros comes for mikrotik do i need to wait untill dude is available for that ros version?
Can i install it on one of my mikrotiks and lose no performance or has to be dedicated device for dude?
Please give some feedback. Thank you :)

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