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MPLS Multitenant PE Router

Fri Jul 15, 2022 10:06 am

Hi folks,

Can do this on Cisco all day long but RoS is wrapping my head back on itself.

I am trying to implement a PoC at the moment - multiple clients connecting into a core over GRE/EoIP, which can then be routed to multple distribution sites (think broadcast transmission). That level of things is fine. I can sort the core, I can sort the client edges.

What I'm having a complete blank on is a single router at each distribution site with each clients network on its own eth port, so there is only one router in each distribution site rather than 1 per client connecting back to the core.

Client1 = Eth1, Client2 = Eth2 etc.

I know its possible & probably simple - pointers appreciated please!!
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Re: MPLS Multitenant PE Router

Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:12 pm

If you’re intending to provide layer-2 service to the end clients, then presumably you would build two bridges on the PE router, each with one Ethernet interface, and then set up two VPLS tunnels each linked to a different bridge. If you’re intending to provide layer 3 service, then it would be a matter of defining VRFs and configuring two interfaces to be a member of the VRF.

If you have more info and/or a diagram, I can help think through it further.
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Re: MPLS Multitenant PE Router

Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:45 pm

Not use I understand what your asking for. Just create bridges for the different services/tentants. i.e.

eoip-cust1-serv1 <-> bridge-cust1-serv1 <-> Ether1
eoip-cust2-serv1 <-> bridge-cust2-serv1 <-> Ether2
eoip-cust2-serv2 <-> bridge-cust2-serv2 <-> Ether3
eoip-cust2-serv3 <-> bridge-cust2-serv3 <-> Ether4
eoip-cust3-serv1 <-> bridge-cust3-serv1 <-> Ether5

Just use some clever naming scheme so it's easy to script and automate. It should also be possible to bridge a whole VLAN-trunk, and use filtering instead.

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