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XQ+DA0001 - compatible with Nvidia NIC's?

Sat Aug 20, 2022 3:32 pm

Jesh, feel stupid even writing it as a headline, but it happens NVidia has too much money and went out and spend some buying Mellanox and now the whole high end Ethernet market is NVidia.

I know from the past that DAC's for 100G are a complicated theme between NIC and Switch providers. There is a reason rates compatibility with switch providers.

How does the XQ+DA0001 and the CRS504-4XQ-IN rate in compatibility with a NVidia ConnectX 5 network?

I am considering moving from the existing setup to an ALL-100G setup for a small setup (4 servers, but one only gets one link through a breakout cable). Network cards are ConnectX 4.

Mikrotik compatible or - not?

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