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Output PoE Passive and af / at

Thu Sep 22, 2022 1:11 am


By reading some specs among the PoE out devices I came out with a doubt.

As per the info displayed in the technical brochure for devices like:

PowerBox Pro
The new RB5009UPr+S+IN and the CRS112-8P-4S-IN

These elements are capable of receiving different input voltages over two or more power interfaces (Terminal connector, PoE in, DC Barrel, etc), and in a range that goes from 18 to 57 V.

As per specs, all those input interfaces are redundant so if any of them goes down the one with the highest voltage would take over the system.

As per specs as well, only when the device is fed with 48V + Volts is going to able to provide PoE at / af

My question is, If I connected lets say the RB5009UPr+S+IN just with a 48V power supply over the 2 cable terminal interface would the router be capable of supplying passive 24V PoE and 802.3af/at ?

Should the router be capable of covering all the PoE standards, would it autosense the output required or it would need to be manually setup for every port?


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Re: Output PoE Passive and af / at

Thu Sep 22, 2022 1:21 am

All not.

What power the device is used for PoE out.

Except the 8P: must be feed with two power supply (obviously one 24 and one 48) for provide ~24V or ~48V at "auto" or manual choice, for every single port.

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