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USB or M2 to CCR2004-12s-2xs

Mon Sep 26, 2022 12:42 am

Hi guys!
I have a bit peculiar question, but just recently I have realized that my CCR2004-12S-2XS do not have any USB.
Not that is too much of a problem nut I was thinking to run PiHole or AdGuardHome in docker there or at least some proxy /reverse proxy service.
Planning this I would like to have more space for storing data.
Do any of you have idea can add more space - like adding USB interface or maybe even SSD M2?

I think similar device have to come soon to MT market since the new ARM64 CPU architecture is already available and the CPUs become powerful enough.
We really need something to stand against the solutions from Sophos/Fortinet/Cisco which become too aggressive on a SOHO & SMB markets.

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