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My router stopped seeing usb flash and not see the USB modem.

Tue Sep 27, 2022 10:18 pm

I use Mikrotik hap ac lite (rb952ui-5ac2nd) .
At the moment I have firmware 7.5 stable.
My router stopped seeing usb flash.
Also, the router does not see the USB modem either.
Below are screenshots of the menu System → Disks, System → Resources → USB.

Earlier, I turned on the modem mode on my smartphone and connected the phone via a USB cable to the router, and LTE (3G modem) was immediately detected in the router interfaces.

I reset the settings to default, installed an older firmware (routeros-mipsbe-6.42.6), but nothing helped. The router simply does not see the USB port as such. How can this be? USB port issues 5.08 V.

Please, help me.
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