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how to connect to MT server from CHR behind nat

Sat Oct 01, 2022 8:59 pm

i installed a CHR on virtualbox, send all traffic with an l2tp vpn on my windows to this CHR. (windows -> l2tp -> CHR). i enable NAT on CHR and get also add a firewall with masq to have internet on my windows.
now i have a MT SERVER which has an Static IP and its located in another country, what i want is to tunnel from CHR to this SERVER, the problem is most of the VPN protocols are stop working on my country (l2tp, sstp, wireguard, ovpn, pptp...) i have to connect with GRE or IPIP, but i dont know how to configure the ip on CHR to establish the connection.
also when i want to use ip cloud for DDNS i got this error : Cloud services not supported on x86

PC -> L2TP -> CHR( -> public ip ( -> INTERNET <- (
on my CHR i can ping SERVER's ip but from SERVER i cant ping CHR's ip (for GRE and IPIP connection its necessary that both of them can ping eachothers yes ? )

how can i make this happen ? thanks for your help

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