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hAP ac2 randomly drops ethernet connections

Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:24 pm

I'm fairly new to configuring routers this advanced, I'm still learning it in school so please don't use very technical terms.
So, I have a hAP ac2 router configured and running with firewall rules, DNS server, DHCP config, etc., my problem is that when I try to download something from for example Microsoft Store, it's downloading around 100Mb/s and randomly the port that my computer is connected randomly resets itself...
The log only says this:
20:07:53 interface,info ether5 link down 
20:07:55 interface,info ether5 link up (speed 1G, full duplex) 
20:07:55 interface,info ether5 detect LAN
Nothing before or after this related to this.
I have no idea why is it doing this but this is happening on other ports and on other computers too.
If I need me to provide more information please ask, I will.
Also sorry if it's the wrong category for it.
Thank you for reading my problem.
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Re: hAP ac2 randomly drops ethernet connections

Sat Oct 01, 2022 9:19 pm

Hi there,

Same think multiple times a day, and it happens with all ports.
Now, only one port is used and it happens.

The logs just states the link down / link up event with no more details.

I tried a for several weeks another router, with everything else the same, not a link down ever.

I tried auto neg, or forcing it at 1gb full duplex, no improvements,

Has anyone came across this behaviour and found a fix ? Or the device is just part of a failed batch ?

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