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Two connections working, but not together.

Sun Oct 02, 2022 2:34 pm


I'm not a networking expert, so I'll try my best explain the issue I am facing.

I have two internet connections: 1) DSL 2)PPPoE

I set up a PCC protocol.

Initially, things seem to be working fine. Both connections are active. When I speedtest I can see both connections working at once on the Interface List.

However, when I'm doing ANYTHING else, the router insists on using only one of the connections at once. No matter how many downloads, videos, pages, I try to load simultaneously, the router would stick to one ISP and not make use of the other at all.

When I go back to speed testing .. they both work simultaneously again.

Am I missing something, or maybe misunderstanding how load-balancing works?
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Re: Two connections working, but not together.

Sun Oct 02, 2022 9:02 pm

I think understanding.
A single session will only use one ISP at a time that is normal.
Dual wan means more bandwidth available, one cannot add up and get twice the speed for a single session and dual wan means redundancy (assuming two different providers).

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