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Sat Oct 08, 2022 12:27 am

Hello everybody.

My name is Maurizio and i'm writing from Italy.

Lately the BTS usually used by my modem was upgraded to a 4CA using the B1-B7-B10-B3 bands.

I'm at 7 km from the BTS and with a 11db Antenna from Iskra i usually have a signal of 75-80 strenght.

I would like to move to a new modem, but i'm in doubt about the LHG LTE18 or the new ATL LTE18.

Considering the distance..which on would you reccomend to me?

I really like the ATL because is 4x4 MIMO i think i could take advantage of the 4CA..but i'm sure if is ok because the distance from the BTS.

Any suggest about?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: LHG LTE18 or ATL LTE18

Sat Oct 08, 2022 1:28 pm

Your Iskra antenna has much better gain than either LHG or ATL, specially on the lower frequency bands. The signal strength you mention (better than -80dBm) is pretty goid but doesn't say much about CC feasibility. To assess that, you should measure signal strengths on all supported frequency bands (use cell lock function for that). Usable frequency bands are realistically only those with RSRP above -100dBm or so (decent SINR is also a must). If your measured signal strength comes from one of lower frequency bands (e.g. 800MHz), then it's very likely that signal strength of higher frequency bands is considerably lower and LHG or ATL (with their slightly better than Iskra gain on higher bands) won't make it much better ... but will considerably degrade signal strength of low band cells (LHG and ATL have gain of 0 or even lower on lower frequency bands).

When thinking about 4x4 MIMO: also serving base station has to support it and that typically only happens on higher bands (e.g. frequencies of 2.6GHz and higher), on lower bands MNO s don't bother. Additionally higher-order MIMO typically works good at shorter distances, 7km is quite far for mid- and high-frequency bands (but it really depends on measurements done on each band as I explained in first paragraph). If base station doesn't support 4x4 MIMO, then such antenna on station side only slightly helps with better Rx (compared to similar 2x2 antenna)

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