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CRS518-16XS-2XQ running OSPF + VRRP + interVLAN routing

Thu Oct 20, 2022 7:22 pm

Can a pair of CRS518-16XS-2XQ do this?

- Configured as MLAG peers with a 2 x 25G bond for the peer-ports
- The remaining 25G links (14) on the CRS518s configured as MLAG trunks carrying 4-10 VLANs up to access switches
- The subnet gateway for each VLAN residing on the CRS518s with VRRP between the CRS518

- One 100G port on each CRS518 configured as a trunk carrying two VLANs
- Each of these VLANs is a single /30 and with one upstream OSPF neighbors receiving about 1,000 routes (so each CRS518 has two OSPF neighbors and receiving 2,000 routes)
- VLAN between the CRS518 on the 2 x 25G bond for OSPF peering between CRS518s

- All interVLAN routing done in L3 HW offloading

Everything is IPv4 and in the main routing table (no VRF).

I'm unclear if OSPF/VRRP changes L3 HW offloading functionality.

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