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My home and buisness network setup

Fri Oct 21, 2022 1:41 pm

Hello everyone. I am the beginner at mikrotik. I have a hotel and my house in the same building. I created a network for my home and my customers.

I have RB750GR3 as main router and two unmanaged switches for my customers and my home. An also I bought two CAP XL AC for my home.
My configuration is like this;

eth1 configured as PPPOE client for my WAN,
eth2 configured as DHCP Server and a unmanaged switch connected this port for my home  network.
eth3 configured as PPPOE SRV and connected my customer switch. A cable goes from the switch to each room.
pppoe srv profile network is Each customer room has a non mikrotik basic router as configured as PPPOE client. and enabled its own DHCP Server for inside room.
OVPN Server is enabled for manage my network from WAN.
Capsman enabled. My APs and radios recognized from CAPSMAN. There are two config for 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ for same SSID and password. it is working. my home clients got IP from RB750GR3.
I only set password and identity for my APs. CAP enabled with discover interface eth1. Other configs are defaultconfig.

Actually, many things are working, but I have questions.

1) Although I add firewall rules I can only reach my RB750GR3 over OpenVPN which IP is My openvpn profile like this. Local IP address is and pool is between and  IP's over then 50 for reserved DHCP Server. For example my NAS IP is I can not reach web GUI of NAS over OpenVPN.
My rules below.
      chain=input action=accept protocol=tcp in-interface-list=WAN dst-port=11949 log=no log-prefix="" 
      chain=input action=accept src-address= log=no log-prefix="" 
2) My AP's default config came with eth1 as DHCP Client. eth2 wlan1 wlan2 as bridged. and DHCP Server enabled with network for bridge interface. I did not change anything except setting CAP discover interface as eth1. The device which is connected to AP's eth2 gets IP from network. But I want that device should get IP from RB750GR3 and network. When I disable the DHCP Server on AP the client device does not get IP from anywhere. What should I do ?

3) Although APs are listed on CAPSMAN menu, I can not login to AP via winbox over the 192.168.15./24 network neither with IP nor Neighbors tab. Only RB750GR3 listed.

4) I wonder that my this AP and CAPSMAN setup does support technologies like roaming, handover, mesh? Or does it simply bind to whatever AP is closest to it?

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