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How to access another LAN network in same MikroTik router

Sun Oct 23, 2022 8:32 am

Hey Folks,

I am working in an ISP and I am running two networks on a single MikroTik RouterBOARD 962UiGS-5HacT2HnT, port 1 & port 2 act as WAN for both seperate connections and port 3 & port 4 act as LAN for both the connections (LAN 1 is & LAN 2 is

I am running an EMS server v2.3.7 (for GPON OLTs) on a PC in LAN 1 having IP running on port 8888 and I want to be able to access the same on all the systems in LAN 2. I am not sure on how to achieve the same, and I had tried simple port forwarding using NAT rules for dst-nat but It did not work.

Please advise as to how I can get it to work.

Thank you

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