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Static IP for interface?

Mon Nov 14, 2022 12:18 pm

Hey peeps,

I'm fairly new to setting up networks, especially wit mikrotek routers and ran into a rather easy problem I can not solve on my own, so I thought I'll try my luck here. There is following scenario: I have to set up a test station where I must connect different clients (mostly one at a time) via cable to the router. Problem is that the router needs to give those clients the same IP address if they are connected to a certain interface. This means for example I connect client A to eth1, the router gives it e.g. Then I disconnect client A, connect client B to eth1, then the router gives client B the same address as client A before. And this has to apply even if I may connect client A to eth2 before connecting client B to eth1. Oh an whats maybe important, I don't know the MAC addresses of the devices before I connect them to the router.
I hope this was understandable.

My router is the Mikrotik RB760iGS.

All the best and thanks in advance

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