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BGP Hold Time 0 or Infinity Behavior

Mon Nov 14, 2022 6:38 pm

We have a scenario where we are using BGP to pull routes from another AS via private peering. BGP on v7 seems very unstable and the BGP session is being closed intermittently. The remote peer is using Juniper. We have set our hold time to be 0/infinity. According to Mikrotik the 0/infinity is smaller and honored over a finite value. However Juniper documentation contradicts this statement. If Juniper uses 1m 30s (default) and we set it to infinity will Mikrotik use infinity or 1m 30s?

Mikrotik documentation:
"The minimal hold-time value of both peers will be actually used (note that the special value 0 or 'infinity' is lower than any other value)
infinity - never expire the connection and never send keepalive messages."

Juniper documentation:
"Starting in Junos OS Release 12.3, the BGP hold-time value can be zero (0). This implies that the speaker does not expect keepalive messages from its peer to maintain the BGP session. When negotiating between two peers, if one side requests a nonzero hold time and the other requests a zero hold time, the negotiation settles on the nonzero value and keepalive intervals are determined accordingly. Both sides must be set to zero for keepalive messages to stop being sent."

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