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OSPF multiarea 2 links between 2 areas

Wed Nov 16, 2022 12:27 pm


I have 2 different OSPF areas that i am trying to connect to eachother.
One area is based upon Juniper SRX345 (in router mode, not firewall) and a areas based on CCR2004.
Both areas works perfect. And if i have one link between the two. (i.e SRX345 #1 and the mikrotik) i can ping back and forth between all of them.
Issue starts when i connect the second link between SRX #2 and a diffrent mikrotik.
When both are connected ping stops working. I have gone through the config of both the junipers and mikrotiks and narrowed it down to be the mikrotik.
And how it handles redistribution of OSPF routes. Since both ABRs are redistribution their ospf routes and this creates havoc and loops between the mikrotiks. most likely some config on the ABRs
the ABRs sees both routes and therefor traffic from one of the adjacent neighbours is sent to the other ABR and returned there to the first ABR.
Any idea how to fix this. I know that BGP would solve anything. But at the moment BGP is not an option

( By the way, running 7.6 and all are CCR2004. )

Thanks in advance
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