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Forwarding to WireGuard

Thu Nov 24, 2022 1:54 am

I had an older Mikotik router running RouterOS 6.x and had a l2tp connection to a VPN system, with packets from a specific IP address being tagged and forwarded to that interface.
Worked fine, I configured it (via WebFig) and understood how it worked.

Moved to a new router (to accommodate faster Internet connection), and upgraded to RouterOS 7.x.
The upgrade process re-wrote a few of the rules, including my VPN connection.
I subsequently wanted to replace the l2tp connection with WireGuard. Setting that up was relatively easy, and I just replaced the l2tp interface name everywhere I could find it with the WireGuard interface name - worked.

However, I have no clue how this is working, and the RouterOS docs are not a lot of help.
I can see where I add the tag, I can see that there is now a routing table with the same name as the tag, but in the WebFig interface I can't find any sort of routing information tying the tag/table to the WireGuard interface. If I dump out the configuration, I see this:

add disabled=no distance=1 dst-address= gateway=wireguard2 pref-src=\
"" routing-table=VPN suppress-hw-offload=no

Which looks like thing I am looking for (my tag/table name is "VPN").

But I have no clue where to find that particular bit of configuration in the WebFig interface.

Any clues???


I may have it. I see an entry under IP->Routes that is probably it. The only odd thing there is the destination address:^1024
Any idea what the ^1024 is about???
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Re: Forwarding to WireGuard

Thu Nov 24, 2022 3:03 am

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Re: Forwarding to WireGuard

Thu Nov 24, 2022 6:50 pm

You have to specify routing table before at Routing > Tables the you can use it on IP > Routes and IP > Firewall > Mangle

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