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Dude fault alarm and not able to login

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:55 pm
by ryancccc
Hi, our dude server running on a ESXI server and we allocated 16 cores CPU, 64GB mermory and a 200GB nvme drive space(Database is around 200MB). So the hardware should not be an bottleneck. Our network is growing and we are monitoring around 4000 equipment right now. However, the dude start giving us following issues, just want to see if anyone else have same issue and might have a solution:

1. The dude device has to use "server" as an agent, otherwise the setting page take forever to load.(This is a very old issue since they implemented agent function)
2. The dude won't be able to login and all device still monitoring without any problem, we have to reboot every time to resolve it(Should be related to Winbox service).
3. The dude shows tons of false alarms(Devices shows down but actually pingable) recently at one time and reboot fixed it.

At this point, I don't think MikroTik is still working on anything related to the dude since we have reported the bugs couple times and they have no resource to fix it. Just want to see if anyone already have a work around. Or maybe suggestion for a replacement platform?