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Dude Ethernet data rate change notification

Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:33 am


I am pretty new to Dude but already managed to get a lot of useful data out of it in monitoring my small WISP network.
So do I have on all wired and most (3rd party hardware gives me still problems) wireless links showing me the throughput and what the connection rate is.
In the color or link type drawing I can also see if a link is a gigabit link of fast Ethernet.

But sometimes some links that are Gigabit switch back to 100Mbps (fast Ethernet) connection rate. Everything still works fine and most of the time users behind such link won't notice unless maybe when running a speedtest...

Now I can run through my Dude map every 5 minutes to see if all links are having a connection rate that is what they are suppose to have, but I have better things to do.
I'd rather have the link flag change colour when there is a connection rate change.
For instance the label (or the link) should change colour when the connection rate drops from 1Gb to 100Mbps. And off course disappears when it turns back into Gb again....

I have been searching the forums, online and tried to play a bit with Dude settings and pollings etc. but don't seem to find such solution.

Which is weird since I'd presume all network operators that use Dude to monitor the network would like to get a notification when the conn. rate drops?

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I attached an example. Here the flag is coloured red manually. I want it to happen automatically when the connection rate drops....
Dude link conn. rate change.jpg
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