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OSPF state as link status?

Wed Mar 24, 2021 8:57 am

I've never really used The Dude as my bigger priority has been a whole lot of custom work for historical monitoring which is why I mostly use NetXMS
However I thought i'd install The Dude to function as a link status monitor that I can put up on a TV

The one thing I want to monitor are all the links between routers, as we have a fully routed wireless network
Almost all radio's are third party hence I can't directly monitor the wireless status, link will always show up even if the wireless link is down
Can I instead use OSPF adjacency state as link status? So that a link turns red if the adjacency for that monitored interface goes down

Additionally can I add multiple links between routers? as I want to monitor both primary and secondary links, both interfaces have their own OSPF adjacency

If this is a lost cause, anyone recommend a fairly 'simple' monitoring platform for this? I don't want everything and the kitchen sink, I just want simple graphical monitoring of the network state (interface throughput, OSPF/BGP states etc) to put up on TV's

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