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API Probe and monitoring help

Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:36 pm


Hi Tying to monitor some API's details from some equipment. Can anyone guide me.

API 1 is a http get system
API example Port 80 - GET http://SERVERADDRESS/api/input/active/refresh-rate

For this i need to monitor and display the info on the device map.
I also have a value i want to monitor and set boundaries do i need to use a function for this? For example i have an "devices/statistics/error-count" that i want to allert if it goes above 1 or another value that if it drops bellow X number i want to set up notification.

APIT 2 is an XML file i need to interrogate.
The XML is updated every 10 seconds and need to monitor its values and display and then sum other values.

If anyone would be able to intemperate these two devices for me i'd be most appreciative. I have a small budget if some one has a few hours they could spare to intemperate the two api's and give me the probes and functions needed to work with the dude system.


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