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Choosing a plate for LDF LTE6 kit

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2022 9:41 am
by freemast
Hi guys, tell me which plate is better to choose for LDF LTE6 kit.
As I understand it, you need a direct-focus antenna, right?
Can you tell me a specific model which is better to take?

Re: Choosing a plate for LDF LTE6 kit

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2022 1:23 am
by dot02

this post seems outdated, but just for the record, in case anyone wants to ask the same question...

The LDF LTE6 kit is designed for offset dishes, however we are currently doing some labs with PFA antennas (Prime Focus Antennas, i.e. central-fed, real parabolic dishes with modified feedholders). We will share the results when we have conclusive results (might still take some time).

For off-the-shelf offset dishes like the LDF LTE6 kits were designed for, we have tried several different dishes. Cheap dishes (especially the ones with plastic parts holding the feedarm) always show enormous fluctuations in signal quality when there is some wind, and therefore I will definitively not recommend those.

Our clear winners (by very far!) are Kathrein CAS06 (60cm) or CAS90 (85cm) dishes. Certainly the CAS012 (120cm) will be even better, but we havn't tested those. Keep in mind that Kathrein feed mounts are proprietary, and you need an adapter for standard 40mm feeds. These are easy to get and cost 10-20EUR. Please use metal adapters (die-cast), not cheap plastic ones!

The Kathrein Antennas simply offer outstanding mechanical stability, and the pointning (H+V adjustments) are easier to accomplish. The dished are made of premium aluminium and the feed arm of galvalized, powder-coated steel. All the screws, nuts, bolts and washers are stainless steel (INOX). You won't regret it, they are really "set and forget" and will never EVER rust.

hope this helps