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The ACT LED means...what?

Sat Jul 02, 2022 11:14 pm

What is the ACT LED trying to tell me? I know it blinks as part of the reset procedure, but what else does it do? What does ACT stand for?

I just had an instance where I had to reset on one of my two RB260GS units. Following the reset, the reset unit's ACT LED was on solid. The other units ACT LED was not. In addition, the two units weren't passing data. Either unit, when connected directly to the PC, could be pinged and logged onto, but the second unit, when connected to the first, was unreachable. But after a firmware update to bring the reset unit back up to the latest version (both units were now on the same version), the ACT LED went out.

What does "ACT" short for, and what does it mean when the LED is on solid?

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