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OSPF V6 to V7 PTP not working?

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2022 3:37 pm
by Gombeen666
Can some advise why OSPF PTP from V6 to V7 will not populate OSPF neighbor ?
In ip neighbors all devices are listed and can ping all the devices ip's ?

[admin@CCR2116] > routing/ospf/export
# jan/10/1970 00:41:49 by RouterOS 7.1.2
# software id = DX6R-SFZM
# model = CCR2116-12G-4S+
/routing ospf instance
add name=ospf-instance-1 routing-table=main
/routing ospf area
add area-id= instance=ospf-instance-1 name=ospf-area-1
/routing ospf interface-template
add area=ospf-area-1 cost=10 interfaces=VLAN1908_HEX_MGT networks= priority=10 type=ptp
add area=ospf-area-1 cost=10 interfaces=VLAN1903_Dude_CHR networks= priority=10 type=ptp

[admin@CHR_x86_Dude] > routing ospf export
# jul/07/2022 13:06:52 by RouterOS 6.49.1
# software id =
/routing ospf interface
add interface=VLAN1903_MGT_CCR2116 network-type=point-to-point priority=10
/routing ospf network
add area=backbone network=

[adminabc@Hex_Network_MGT] > routing ospf export
# jul/07/2022 13:18:17 by RouterOS 6.49.3
# software id = 3VFV-HGYE
# model = RouterBOARD 750G r3
/routing ospf interface
add interface=VLAN908_CCR2116 network-type=point-to-point priority=10
/routing ospf network
add area=backbone network=

Re: OSPF V6 to V7 PTP not working?

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2022 3:59 pm
by loloski
It should work i have a similar setup with yours my CCR1072 is running v6.48.6 whilst my CCR1036 is running at v7.3.1
[rchan@SS-CRT] > /routing ospf export 
# jul/07/2022 20:53:37 by RouterOS 6.48.6
# software id = I0LV-XXX
# model = CCR1072-1G-8S+
# serial number = D8420FAXXXX
/routing ospf instance
set [ find default=yes ] distribute-default=always-as-type-1 redistribute-bgp=\
    as-type-1 router-id=103.179.XX.XX
/routing ospf interface
add interface=sfp-sfpplus2 network-type=point-to-point
/routing ospf network
add area=backbone network=103.179.XX.XX/29
[rchan@SS-CRT] > /routing ospf instance print 
Flags: X - disabled, * - default 
 0  * name="default" router-id=103.179.XX.XX distribute-default=always-as-type-1 
      redistribute-connected=no redistribute-static=no redistribute-rip=no 
      redistribute-bgp=as-type-1 redistribute-other-ospf=no metric-default=1 
      metric-connected=20 metric-static=20 metric-rip=20 metric-bgp=auto 
      metric-other-ospf=auto in-filter=ospf-in out-filter=ospf-out 
[rchan@SS-CRT] > /routing ospf neighbor print 
 0 instance=default router-id=103.179.XX.XX address=103.179.XX.XX 
   interface=sfp-sfpplus2 priority=1 dr-address= 
   backup-dr-address= state="Full" state-changes=4 ls-retransmits=0 
   ls-requests=0 db-summaries=0 adjacency=1w1d1h8m36s 
[rchan@SS-CRT] > 

[rchan@SS-BRAS01] /routing/ospf/neighbor> /routing/ospf/export 
# jul/07/2022 20:50:37 by RouterOS 7.3.1
# software id = IPQU-XXXX
# model = CCR1036-8G-2S+
# serial number = D83B0FXXXXX
/routing ospf instance
add disabled=no name=default-v2 redistribute=static,vpn,dhcp,modem router-id=103.179.XX.XXX
add disabled=no name=default-v3 version=3
/routing ospf area
add disabled=no instance=default-v2 name=backbone-v2
add disabled=yes instance=default-v3 name=backbone-v3
/routing ospf interface-template
add area=backbone-v2 auth-id=1 auth-key="" cost=10 disabled=no interfaces=sfp-sfpplus2 networks=103.179.XX.XX/29 priority=1 type=ptp

Re: OSPF V6 to V7 PTP not working?

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2022 5:06 pm
by Gombeen666

Thank you !
By looking at your config I noticed that I hadn't added
/routing ospf instance router id ?

Re: OSPF V6 to V7 PTP not working?

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2022 5:29 pm
by loloski
for a start try to adjust your firewall to accept protocol 89 ospf on input chain on both of your router, because your firewall rules might try to drop OSPF and will not form adjacency no matter what you do or disable your firewall rule temporarily if it's in controlled environment or better yet export your config and hide sensitive and upload your config so that others might take a look on your issue