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Dude CHR - Disk 0B Free

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2022 10:23 am
by gammy69er
So - got a curly one.

Have a Dude CHR built off the OVA template on XCP-NG.

Has run "well enough" - but noticed after a couple of weeks away that some of my Functions had disappeared recently.

Digging in - I found my 64GB "disk" has 0B free, and that it appears that Dude is begining to eat RAM for storage (as would be expected) - hence the potential for loss.

OK, I though, delete some stuff and free some space, fix up shit and make a backup... But this has proved fruitless. The Space did not return.

Dude DB is ~ 800MB, backups on disk were totaling ~ 4GB. Dude files, less than 1GB total. After removing the "middle" backups, did an FTP dump from Dude to Synology - Total files copied ~ 3.6GB.

WTF has happened to the HDD space on the Dude. there are NOT 64GB of files on disk1, and we only keep 7 days of current backups on the VM - deleting the older ones. There IS free space - but why can the CHR not see it.

Are using an old version - 6.46.6 - as it is the only version that I know of that supports old and new ROS - as we have thousands of devices out there. Cranking them all up has been a slow process.

Any info on how to reclaim Space on a HDD would be very much appreciated - so we can avoid these issues in the future.

Re: Dude CHR - Disk 0B Free

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2022 1:19 am
by gammy69er
For anyone Interested.

Did not resolve the issue.

Built a fresh Dude on V7.4 and it works well - have a daily backup (will delete of oldest backup) and weekly upload to Backup server.

These all run through and the Disk Space has stayed a constant 59+ GB free after several nonths - and manually deleting a file frees space.

Same VM Server - different VM.

If you are having these issues - Rebuild is the only info I have and may be the only option.