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Bfd & ospf neighbor

Fri Jul 15, 2022 11:01 pm

Hi all

consider this scenario:

4 routers using ospf+bfd on the same lan network (so network type is broadcast), same backbone area.

One router is DR, one other is BDR, other two are DRother.

If one of DRother is Mikrotik, it creates bfd sessions with all three routers and not only with DR & BDR, but it shouldn't, because it should establish bfd sessions only with routers in full state and not with routers in 2way state (confirmed from documentation by Cisco, PaloAlto, Fortinet in their Bfd/Ospf implementation).

If the other DRother is compliant to the above statement, it doesn't establish bfd session with Mikrotik, so from Mikrotik point of view it is bfd capable but down, and the result is ospf neighbor flapping.

Tested on CCRs v.6.48.6.

Why is the Mk acting so?

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