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Fri Jul 22, 2022 9:38 pm

Hello Could someone help with the following couple of questions as i emailed Mikrotik support and the replied mentioning this site would be able to help?
I have installed a good few Lte6 dish kits in southern Ireland and was seeking info with the new LHG LTE18 Dish Kit e.g Does this new dish antenna cover 5G frequencies withinn Republic of Ireland also does a cat6 cable send power along with data from dish modem back to indoor wifi Router same as the LTE6 Dish kit or does the LTE18 KIT Use mimo cables connecting dish to wifi router also i have had issues when previously installing the lte6 kit when 2 masts located in parralle few miles appart i try to switch off the weaker mast when setting up dish modem however when there is a power cut or software upgrade thease settings appear to be deleted Could anyone share how to set the lte6 and lte18 dish kit settings how to lock on strongest signal and ignore a poor/weaker signal from distant mast many thanks.

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