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KNOT RB924I with nanoSIM to send SMS

Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:07 am

We have purchased a Knot RB924I 2nd BT5&BG77 and triying to configure the nanoSIM to send SMS's.
The solution does not work.
The fist question is the introduction of the nanoSIM. We put it with conections up & the notch right.
The second is the procedure/steps to make it work.
Thanks & regards.
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Re: KNOT RB924I with nanoSIM to send SMS

Wed Sep 07, 2022 12:11 pm

First of all, make sure SMS is supported by your ISP.
Secondly, make sure that the "port" is not used by the PPP out interface:
[admin@Blabla] > tool sms send modem phone-number="+xxxxx" message="message" channel=2
failure: port's channel is already in use
If you see that the port is already in use, you need to free it. Try disabling and enabling the PPP interface back but!! do not send any traffic yet. Make sure that the "modem" port under "System>Ports" is not "Used by" anything.

Then, enable GSM debugging to see which AT commands are sent: ... -Debugging

When port is not used by anything, you can issue the command like:
[admin@Blabla] > tool sms send modem phone-number="+XXXXXXXX" message="message" channel=2

if you still have issues, we advise creating a support ticket in our system:

The sim slot itself indicates how the nanoSIM card should be installed:
"cut" corner to the right

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