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ospf issue

Mon Aug 15, 2022 1:39 pm

Guys maybe im doing something wrong here did a upgrade over the weekend... all was working no problem ... i have a highsite with 2 antennas showing to another site.. One is my highspeed link and another is the backup.

so from this weekend for some reason the ospf keeps reiniting every few seconds but only if the cost is diffrent . When cost is the same it balances the connections over the two antennas and everything is stable. The moment i change the cost on both sides from 1 to 10 then it flaps every few seconds. other Ospf links with similar setup works fine as far as i can tell.

only difference is that the interface eth2 and eth3 on tower is added to bridge connection.

OK ..... so dont know how these two connect to eath other but for some reason the cost and cake good...

So after two nights of staying up and fault testing ...the logs revealed that the ccr 1009 was giving a kernel panic and rebooting.... but get this if cost is the same it stays up.this is while cake or codel is enabled. moment cost changes then it reboots the whole time till one changes the queue type to pfifo...then the rebooting stops...super weird but it is what it is...

Do these two services use the same cpu cores?? its a router network with minimal traffic through it(30-60mbps this time of night)
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Re: ospf issue

Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:30 am

An extract of configuration could help.

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