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Recieving alerts from an API

Fri Aug 19, 2022 7:40 am


i have a device that sends alerts in three ways - an email, rtsp stream, BACnet, and an API.

What I am hoping to do from the dude is an audible alert (the easy part) when the state changes on the device. Lets say its a motion detector, and it will change from false, to true when it detects motion.

The API sends http://thisismydudeserver/info?location ... ected=true via tcp.

But i'm not sure how to get the dude to read that information. If the dude supports BACnet im happy for the threat to change direction and have examples of that, but what i'm after is an example fetch command for creating a new probe.
I read the information here ... v6/Probes but I didn't quite understand the /compare command.

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