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OSPF with unnumbered IPs results in inactive routes on Mikrotik side

Tue Sep 06, 2022 7:30 pm


I am playing in a lab creating an OSPF adjacency between a Miktrotik router and a Cisco 9000v router using unnumbered IP interfaces. The adjacency establishes OK, LSAs sent and received, routing tables looks good on Cisco side, but on Mikrotik side all the routes are marked as inactive and the route to the Cisco neighbor is missing. I even tried to add a manual route to the Cisco neighbor, and I can ping that neighbor after that, but none of the other routers on the Cisco side.

In the output below I established adjacency with Cisco neighbor The addresses, and are the other 9000v routers on the Cisco side of the network. The route to I added manually, but it did not help, the nexthop is shown as unreachable...
[admin@MikroTik] > /routing/ospf/neighbor/print
Flags: V - virtual; D - dynamic
 0  D instance=ospf-main area=ospf-area-0 address= router-id=
      state="Full" state-changes=4 adjacency=3d18h8m11s timeout=39s
[admin@MikroTik] > /ip/route/print
Flags: D - DYNAMIC; I, A - ACTIVE; c, s, o, d, y - COPY; H - HW-OFFLOADED
  DIoH       110
  DIoH       110
0  As    ether2                  1
  DIoH       110
  DAc    ether2                  0
  DAc    lo0                     0
  DAd         1
  DAc  ether1@mgmt             0

This is using routerOS 7.5, but on the other version (I believe I tried 7.3.1) it was the same.
Any ideas/suggestions?


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