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Stuck route? bug? how to see originator

Thu Sep 15, 2022 5:54 am

This is on v6.47.9

Have a seemingly phantom route thats stuck in the routing table, I have absolutely no idea where its coming from
It's showing 'DAbU' as the flags, with a distance of 20 and no gateway. So it's implying its originating via an eBGP peer. However I specifically have rules to block this route from any eBGP peer, and i've also manually looked over the routes advertised by each peer with the command
/ip route print where received-from={NAME} dst-address~"^{Route}" 
and it's not being advertised by any eBGP peer

This route is a summary route that should be advertised by an iBGP peer (to prevent routing loops) but as such it should have a distance of 200, not 20. And even so i've temporarily blocked it
I've triple checked all rules, it's blocked in literally every single filter I can find (just to try and clear the damn thing out of the routing table) and its still there
Only thing I can't do is actually forcefully close all the BGP sessions simultaneously as then internet will go down for the entire customer base. But I have closed them 1 by 1 to maintain some amount of peering, stupid route is still there

Is there a way to specifically look at that route and show where the hell its being advertised from? or any way to forcefully remove a Dynamic route without a reboot?

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