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Which router to choose with 2 ISP (1G) and 100G internal network?

Tue Sep 20, 2022 12:00 pm

I am looking for advises to optimise my installation there to possibly reduce the power usage but also improve the cabling. I'm struggling to see if the current hardware and current installation is OK or i I could maybe replace all by a single router. Any help is welcome :)

First let's start by describing the current architecture:

All my servers is are connected for my own need to an internal 100G network using a CRS504-4XQ-IN. The 2x100G links are each split in 4x25G links. Internet is provided using a CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS via 2 FTTH link , 1 ISP is providing direct internet connection and a BGP session via PPPOE, the other via a GRE interface. I am for now only doing BGP failover between the interfaces. I failed to find a way for now to load balance between the 2 interfaces with IPv6. BGP allows me to retrieve a /48 IPv6 and a /28 IPv4.

The CCR2004 is connected to the CRS504-4XQ-IN using 1 25G link. Servers manage a BGP session to it to get internet. It is also providing internet via a 10G link to the LAN via a firewall. See the diagram below:
Here are the possible ways I'm thinking to optimise the cabling and network,, but I don't know which is enough efficient:
  • I'm thinking to first replace the 25G link between the CCR2004 and the CRS504, which is done using a cable splitted in 4 links with only 1 used, by 4x10G LACP using DAC. WIll the performance of it OK with a CCR2004? Quid of the CPU usage?
  •  Is there a way using 1 CCR2004 to load balance Ipv6 and IPv4 efficiently between the 2 ISPs? Or better is there a way without loosing too much performance to pass 1 /56 (IPv6) and one /32 (IPv4) via one one of the ISP? Someone suggested that it would only be feasible efficiently using 2 CCR2004. Is this right?
  •  Alternatively is there a way to have both the CCR2004 and the CRS504 replaced by one router without compromising the power usage? Maybe the CRS518-16XS-2XQ or the CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ? Can we plug 1G link to the SFP28 ports ? I doubt it is feasible.
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