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CCR1036-8g-2s+ R2 extended RAM 16GB only 1 PSU on the unit

Tue Sep 20, 2022 5:46 pm

Hi guys

we have recently accquired from a small isp which was sold out, a CCR1036-8-2S+ EM 16GB ram model with 2 slots 8GB ram.

we noticed that the motherboard is bigger then the other CCR1036-8-2S+ model which comes with dual PSU.. but unfortunatelly this model only comes with 1 PSU unit output 24v DC 4A

we have 2 elecricity systemas one feed via energy power grid company and the other via Solar system implemented in our company and we have 2 separate systems.. and we only use Dual PSU devices so we can plug each PSU on a separate grid.

my question is it possible to input 2 Power supplies on this model? because i am concerned about space.. the other UNIT 2s+ we have 8gb ram.. has 2 psu inside but motherboard is smaller so it fits just fine. but this unit has got a much bigger power supply.

I Guess this is a older model because i cannot find this model on the Mikrotik Hardware page.. it comes with 2 sfp+ and 8 ports ethernet and 1 serial console port
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Re: CCR1036-8g-2s+ R2 extended RAM 16GB only 1 PSU on the unit

Mon Oct 10, 2022 5:58 am

We also have some other original v1 models that are no longer listed on the site.

They only have one power supply. v2 versions they started adding in second psu.

The old page: ... G-2SplusEM

On a couple units I have modified the input to the board to accept two inputs, added a couple high current diodes and slightly modified the internal cables. I think the older one has 12v input to the board, added the second input as a jack on the back were I plug in a 12v power brick. This way the highest voltage psu will power it, and the slightly lower one is standby.
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Re: CCR1036-8g-2s+ R2 extended RAM 16GB only 1 PSU on the unit

Mon Oct 10, 2022 4:24 pm

Some older models have two power input option but only one of it used (it can be identified with label but can't remember which ones right now). You have to open CCR to check it. If it's there you are good to go with another external 24V brick. Otherwise you have to put some diodes (probably 2 bridge rectifier for block reverse feed) and connectors for it as cdemers mentioned.

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