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Chaining POE devices

Tue Sep 20, 2022 6:04 pm

I must admit I'm failing to understand the PoE requirements for individual devices, so I thought it's better to ask someone who understand it better.
Currently I'm running:
  • hAP ac3 powered from mains
  • PowerBox Pro mounted to exterior wall connected to the hAP and powered through PoE injector using provided power adaptor and distributing ethernet cables around the house.
  • Just ordered wAP ac, and plan to connect it to the PowerBox.
So as far as I understand I could safely power the the wAP through PoE from the PowerBox.
But ideally I would want first power the PowerBox using the PoE out from hAP ac3, and then power the wAP from PB. But I have no idea if the PoE out from hAP will deliver enough power for it?

If that's not feasable, will at least be the hAP PoE out able to power the PB? They use power from the same room, so I can save some cables, and bite the bullet and have separate power injector to the wAP.
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Re: Chaining POE devices

Wed Sep 21, 2022 12:57 am

read the spec.
hap ac³ have only 0,5A out (12W)

powerbox pro need for itself 0,25A (6W)

wap ac need 0,5A (12W) just for itself

hap ac³ can power the pbxpro? yes, without other devices attached.

you must disable poe out on powerbox pro or it still power the wap ac

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