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IPv6 next-hops for IPv4, how-to?

Wed Sep 21, 2022 3:36 am

I've been playing a bit but haven't found a config that works (routeros 7.6b*) so I figure I'm just missing something.

Goal. OSPFv3 IPv6 network for all routing. Each site also have an IPv4 subnet for clients, but I want IPv6 next-hops so I can let IPv6/OSPFv3/iBGP handle all routing. This is for a prototype network *but* with a goal of going to live if possible. New IPv6 hardware support in 7.6b* makes this very interesting for a very light administrative overhead network.

Anyone have a link to specific documentation to get IPv6 next-hops working for IPv4 on routeros v7? I can get BGP to insert routes into the IPv4 route table with IPv6 peers, but can't get it to put IPv6 next-hops in there, just invalid routes or routes with own IPv4 address.


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